Jonathan Rivera

Puerto Rico’s National champion, international competitor and gold medalist started learning ata young age through the tutelage of his father Grand Master Diego Rivera in the intricate art of northern Shaolin Kung fu. After years of being raised through this discipline with his immediate ancestor, Rivera was sent to train under the supervision of a variety of international coaches and masters and then ventured into other disciplines during his young adulthood such as:

  • Olympic wrestling

  • Gymnastics

  • Tai chi/ Qi gong

  • Yoga

  • Alternate combat modalities

Now settled in Houston as a certified physical education specialist and after studying the deep roots of his culture and history, this young facilitator is imparting the synthesis of his knowledge with a cultural twist that is relevant to his roots as an Afro-Caribbean member of society and a servant of the local Houston community.

“I look forward sharing my experience with my humanity through the teachings that these disciplines of ancient wisdom provide in a fun and dynamic family environment by championing non violence and healthy/active lifestyles”